Our Strategy

Connect Pointe Ministries is about connecting God’s people to transform a generation through prayer, discipleship and mission. Our mission field is the students on the 26 college campuses in the Capital Region. We have a 6-prong approach to seeing transformation on college campuses.

Connect Pointe Network

A relational network of pastors, campus ministers and community leaders who gather to pray and strategically plan for the transformation of students on the 26 college campuses in the greater Capital Region.

College Transition

  1. Helping Christian High school students transition to college and grow their faith on campus.
  2. Helping families navigate the process of choosing and paying for college.

Discipleship Movement

We train and disciple students, teaching them to obey everything that Jesus commanded and showing them how to live and share their faith organically in their residential, academic, occupational and social circles.

Area College Campuses

House of Prayer

A physical facility that serves as embodies a collaborative ministry model of mutuality, shared space and resources. We currently have one location at 426 State Street in Schenectady and are praying for the means to open others in the region.

Catalytic Events

We initiate collaborative public events that demonstrate spiritual unity, Christ’s love and redemptive power, and intersect the felt needs of our community.

United Prayer Movement

We identify, initiate and unite prayer movements using a focused prayer strategy that seeks the peace of our community through 3 simple actions: individual daily prayer, weekly group prayer, and monthly fasting for revival and awakening. Student-led on-campus prayer groups form around leaders who pray weekly to grow in relationship and partner in mission for the transformation of a campus.